✨ Message July 2024 ✨

✨ Message July 2024 ✨

‘Dear messengers of light,

we greet you from our dimensions and welcome you to the summery month of July. The days of this month will illuminate your systems with their subtle, radiant light. And the systems of your soul will feel joyful and happy. The frequencies of your planet are becoming more subtle and light-filled. Your body cells resonate with this light and pass this light on to your spirit. Thoughts that do not belong to you or that come to you from the collective negative consciousness can be transformed very quickly in this light. The light and the light-filled frequencies have more power and stability than dark energies.

In the summer weeks and months, you have a wonderful opportunity to free yourself from burdens that may still be tormenting you. The light that is increasingly coming to you from the cosmos will help you in this process. The sun, which is a portal to parallel worlds in the universe and a portal to divine intelligence, will also help you heal.

Due to its subtle and light-filled frequency, this month is particularly well suited for cleansing and healing all parts of your soul that belong to your soul family. Every human soul is multidimensional and is not only located within yourself, but also includes parts of your soul that are located in other people or in other times and spaces. Through the subtle, light-filled frequency of July, you have the opportunity to cleanse and heal all parts of your soul. Your soul is very intelligent and in this moment – in the here and now – it connects with its other parts by virtue of its light. It doesn’t matter what space and time they are in.

By shining light through your soul and all the parts of your soul that belong to you, you bring light and crystalline information not only to yourself, but to your entire soul family. Your illuminated soul and the other parts of your soul bring relief and strength to the entirety of the collective.

The time you are entering is synonymous with the power of the collective and the positive power of the collective. Each energy work you do illuminates a part of the collective field of humanity and its consciousness. As you work with the parts of your multidimensional soul, you receive healing and illumination on many levels of your being and the being of your entire soul family.

The light and energy of your soul family can be reflected as an imprint in the consciousness of the collective field of humanity. Spend as much time as possible in nature and integrate the lightful codes and information of the sun and the cosmos into all your systems.

You can use the following exercise to illuminate all the parts of your soul that belong to you:

Illuminate your heart with golden, crystalline light.

Ask your soul to connect energetically with your heart.

Imagine how the light of your soul expands and connects with different time periods and with people who belong to your soul family.

Say the words “here and now” several times in succession. These words connect you with the infinity and eternity of the world of light.

Now say this affirmation several times in succession:

“Here and now I illuminate and heal all soul parts of my soul family with the love and light of my soul.

The illumination and healing happens here and now and in all time periods of my

overall reality. My soul and all parts of my soul shine in crystalline light.

My soul is radiant and connected to the crystal systems of the universe.”

To support the healing process, you can charge your favourite crystal in sunlight. (It is best to use a transparent, clear crystal.) Then place your crystal on your heart and allow the sun frequencies to pass into all the spaces of your heart and soul.

Peace with you, peace with us,

Your Pleiadian companions’ ✨

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