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Month: June 2024

✨ Message June 2024 ✨

✨ Message June 2024 ✨

Dear messengers of light,

The summer days are coming, the days are getting longer and more and more cosmic light information is coming to you. Your cells are receiving cosmic light and are programming themselves to receive the light information of cosmic knowledge and cosmic vibration.

Even the tiny particles of your bodies, such as molecules and atoms, are beginning to vibrate faster than before. Your bodies are tapping into new cosmic frequencies. They are releasing countless burdens and preparing to vibrate in light cosmic frequencies that they have not had access to before. Your bodies are in a phase in which they are gradually finding their original power. They are connecting to their original divine essence and to their original perfect holograms created by divine intelligence. The more light your cells carry, the more divine holograms of absolute perfection your bodies can attract and connect with.

Speak to your bodies and allow them to find their original power and their original essence of the divine source. Speak to the intelligence of your bodies and allow them to release the burdens of various issues that are preventing your cells from connecting to your divine light signature. Speak to the consciousness of your chakras and allow them to release the low vibrational programmes that are preventing you from connecting with the information of the neighbouring planets.

If you are currently experiencing discomfort, please see this as a temporary condition. Your bodies are able to regenerate. Your bodies carry the cosmic intelligence within them.

Bless your bodies, bless your absolute health and your regeneration.

If you want to support your bodies, you can use the following affirmation. It is best to say it out loud several times in succession.

“I bless every cell of my body.

Every cell of my body receives cosmic light and cosmic information.

The cosmic power of life and eternity flows through my body.

I bless my body on every level of my being.”

Your Pleiadian Acompanions