✨About the engergies of these times✨

✨About the engergies of these times✨

Recently, I described the information from the Pleiadians that explains why we feel different than usual at the moment. The energetic bands between us and the low-swinging dimensions are tearing and we are in an intermediate space. ✨

We often feel that we are not connected to the gravity of the Earth. Accidents happen, we slip and the nervous system is not as stable as it used to be. Sometimes we cannot concentrate properly because our mind already connects with the beings of light and the higher levels of consciousness and is therefore not always present. We experience a time that challenges us but at the same time moves us into the higher dimensions of light. ✨

And as if that wasn’t enough, something great is happening again. ✨ During this time, we are getting a reset to the original timeline by the spiritual beings. The timelines of manipulation are gradually dissolving. We therefore come back to the timeline we have originally chosen. ✨ That’s why we feel so much change in our lives. And within ourselves. Everything is rearranged. New opportunities are emerging for us. Possibilities that we cannot yet imagine. ✨

We remain in trust.

With love,


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