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Month: September 2023

✨ Message from the Pleiadian Beings, September 2023 ✨

✨ Message from the Pleiadian Beings, September 2023 ✨

Hello my Dears,
when I received this message, I realized again how important it is to look at our issues so that we do not resonate with low vibrational energies and beings. If, in this phase of this global development, we finally heal the inner personal world, we can immediately “catapult” ourselves into the light-filled spheres of consciousness. We can also make our body and our aura shine every day in the morning. So we shine all day long, no matter where we go, no matter who we meet. We let our inner and outer world shine. ✨🌞✨

Pavlina Klemm

Message September 2023

Dear friends of the cosmic worlds and their messages, we are very happy about your participation in all planetary events. We are happy that we can help you with our messages to experience this time in ease.

Although the beings of light and peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations have already managed to take a tremendous amount of steps and actions for the positive development of the human community, it still depends on each of you. It depends on how much light you find within you and how much you expand it into your environment. It depends on how many negativities you let into your inner and outer world from the environment. . It depends on each of you. It depends on your level of consciousness and the intensity of your consciousness projected into your inner and outer world. Each of you is important to this world. Your light is a huge enrichment for this world and for this time. We appreciate each of you, we appreciate your lightful work.

It is important to regularly increase one’s own light intensity and to regularly connect with one’s inner self and with the world of light in the here and now. The Beings of Light and many peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations are increasingly supporting you on your way to the light.

In the background of your events there are huge, gigantic steps of purification, which almost every human being feels in his personal system of mind, soul and body. The colossal purification takes place at the level of the planets of your solar system and makes your entire personal systems feel it. You should be aware that not only the Light Matrix of Planet Earth was influenced by the dark forces, but also the Light Matrix of the surrounding planets of your solar system. What does this mean for you?

Your solar system and its planets are returning to their original, light-filled matrix system and order. And your bodies, your organs and especially your chakras begin to connect completely to the original power of the planets and to their healing frequency. Until now, the human body has not been able to receive the full light capacity of the planetary systems. It could be said that even the people who have evolved spiritually and consciously have so far only been able to receive 70-80% of the cosmic power of the planets. Now you will soon reach 100% capacity to receive planetary light from the surrounding planets.

Your karmic affairs come up almost daily and want to leave your systems once and for all so that you can absorb the full capacity of the planetary, cosmic frequencies with the help of the chakras. Your chakra systems cleanse themselves at an incredible speed and get rid of everything that prevents them from making their way to the light. The light matrix of the surrounding planets is returning to the original order, and so are you, the conscious people.

Peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations help in the overall process of returning the planets to their original order. It is an extraordinary cooperation that the peace-loving, extraterrestrial civilizations are doing at this time. Step by step, the purification of planet Earth and the purification of the surrounding planets occurs. It is a gigantic purification that goes beyond the limits of human imagination.

Planet Earth, which is one of the main points for the transition to other dimensions and time periods of the universe, also plays a significant, more than positive role for your peace-loving, extraterrestrial neighboring civilizations during this time.

That is why planet Earth, which has already freed itself for the most part, is a “thorn in the side” of the negative forces. From their dimensional time, they try to influence the people on planet Earth, who go into negative resonance with them. It is another of the last attempts to manipulate the fate of the people.

Please be prudent, be intuitive, and always trust your inner sense of who you can trust. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by certain people or even people in higher positions who want to put pressure on you or give you false news, information or claims.

Be aware that, from a planetary point of view, planet Earth is no longer subject to the rule of negative extraterrestrial civilizations and their individual beings. Be aware that the lives of people on this planet are “only” influenced by people who resonate with negative forces. For you, this means that during this time there is a certain further purification, or rather – awareness of which side you are on and which path you are taking. For many of you it is already clear that you are walking the path full of light. These words are addressed to those who are still looking for their way and need help.

Trust your intuition.
Develop and show your light. This is your greatest helper for this time.
Stay in your power and in your love.
Find your life force in nature and connect with the purest frequencies of nature as often as possible.

Peace with you, peace with us.

Your Pleiadian Companions