About Me

About Me

A few words for you

My name is Pavlina Klemm and I received a great gift from the world of light. A gift that I value immensely – namely to transmit information and messages from light beings to humanity. Thanks to this information, we all have the opportunity to find our divine essence within ourselves and to realize the complexity of our happenings and our being here on this planet.

Many of you are not here on this planet for the first time, and many of you are struggling to heal your current reality or find your luminous purpose here on Earth.

Each and every one of us is accompanied by the beings of light. It is enough to accept their help and knowledge and let them accompany you through life.

I, too, have accepted their offer of help and have integrated the presence of my light companions into my life. This has given me the opportunity to accompany and help my family and other people. My trust in the light beings has fulfilled the greatest wish of my earthly life. The desire to write books and to receive information and messages from the world of light.

Through communicating with my family in the light, I came to communicate with angelic beings. The angels have raised my light frequency and guided me to my cosmic family.

Thanks to them, my books “Light Messages from the Pleiades” were created. These books have become an indispensable part of spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness of many readers. The books have already been published in German, Czech/Slovak and Polish and belong to the best selling books in channeled literature.

I offer seminars and training to people who are developing spiritually or who are currently healing their being.

Briefly about me:

I was born in 1970 in the Czech Republic in the south of the Giant Mountains. In 1990 I went to Germany, where I still live near Munich.

I have attended various seminars and trainings that have helped me in my spiritual growth and overview.

However, the greatest and most extensive training has been offered to me by my light beings, who accompany and train me all the time.

I have three adult daughters who are developing in a similar spiritual direction as I am.

I wish you all earthly happiness and blessings and I wish you to experience light and earthly love, which is the most precious thing we can have in life.