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Month: January 2024

✨Message from the Pleiadian beings for the new year 2024✨

✨Message from the Pleiadian beings for the new year 2024✨

“We call the year 2024 ‘the year of clarity’. ✨

 The connection with the sacred light structures of the universe, which began at the end of 2023, will inevitably bring more clarity and more structures into people’s lives. Many systems of humans and human society will be brought into divine natural order. It is not only the connections to the luminous geometric forms of the universe that will provide clarity this year. The neutralization of various low vibrational dimensions and timelines will also bring more clarity and more light into people’s lives. People will be able to feel an increasing spiritual and conscious connection with each other. They will feel the clear energy that human hearts radiate. The clear energy of hearts will connect more and more people with each other, because every day thousands of people are waking up and remember their pure essence and clear heart energy. People of good will who radiate clear heart energy will feel even more attracted to each other than before. People with clear and pure hearts will be attracted to each other and cannot miss each other. Everything will become clearer and clearer. The law of resonance will be much more noticeable on this planet from this year onwards. In all directions of human life.

You can find the complete message here: Complete Message.

Good luck and joy in your new year 2024.

Your Pleiadian companions ✨