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Month: December 2023

✨ Message from the Pleiadian beings for the new year 2024 ✨

✨ Message from the Pleiadian beings for the new year 2024 ✨

Dear messengers of light,
It is a great honor for us to accompany you thanks to Pavlína.
We feel it is both an honor and a duty to share with you important information that you need to know. This information will help you to understand certain situations that you are experiencing.
It will help you to understand the energetic conditions in which you find yourselves as humanity.
In the autumn weeks of this year, after thousands of years of manipulation, your planet has managed to free itself from the timelines that were intended to throw planet Earth back into another period of enslavement and bondage.
The cosmic conditions, the expanded consciousness, and the intensity of light of a vast number of human individuals have contributed to this process of liberation.
An increased amount of extraterrestrial peace-loving civilizations have helped and are still helping in this process.
Planet Earth has liberated itself and stepped onto the path to positive energy and a positive future. There has been a real shift in time, which you are certainly feeling in your soul, mind, and body.
Cracks are appearing in the element of time. Space is beginning to multiply.
New dimensional spaces are being created for your future.
Your bodies, just like your planet Earth, can absorb the light frequencies of the surrounding planets after thousands of years of manipulation.
Just a few weeks ago, planet Earth was in a so-called energetic quarantine.
The cosmic frequencies did not have full access to it.
After an infinitely long time, your chakras are now experiencing an absolute connection to the energy of the surrounding planets.
Please do not be surprised if your chakras intensify and accelerate the release of issues that they have been carrying for a great number of your past lives. Don’t be surprised if your numerous life issues or the cleansing of your life issues sometimes come to a head. But your chakras – gateways to the cosmos – want to revive and reconnect to the energy of your galaxy after a long absence of full cosmic frequencies.
The surrounding planets of your solar system are also experiencing a return to their original order and light matrix. It is not only your planet Earth that has been manipulated by the dark forces.
Some of your solar system’s neighboring planets have also been manipulated.
A colossal cleansing and a colossal correction, supported by peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations with the help of cosmic forces and cosmic laws, is currently in full swing.
A countless number of light beings and light frequencies are also bringing your planet and your surrounding planetary world into divine order.
Thanks to the exit of planet Earth from the artificially created matrix, the Cosmic Council has allowed the extraterrestrial civilizations and the light-filled, highly evolved beings to install and activate the light-filled Sacred Geometry on planet Earth during these weeks.
The Sacred Geometry or Signature, which consists of luminous circles, is the fundamental and sustaining signature that is found throughout the universe.
It is the consciousness database that is connected to everything and carries all the information of the divine, central intelligence.
All information is transmitted via these circles. All cosmic knowledge is encoded in them. Thanks to the installation and activation of this luminous signature, which you can imagine as the signature of the flower of life – consisting of an infinite number of circles – you will very soon feel a connection with your solar system, a connection with your galaxy and a connection with the infinity of the cosmos. You will feel a connection with knowledge, a connection with the light and love of the center source. You will feel a connection with yourself.
The optimal connection to this luminous signature comes through your heart. Through the sacred space of your heart. You will feel the connection with everything essential through your pure heart.
The installation and activation of Sacred Geometry on the planet is already underway and will be completed by the spring months of 2024 at the latest.
We would therefore like to draw your attention to the fact that everyone should, if possible, carry out an official farewell to everything negative and to all programmes that hinder your connection to the cosmos by the end of the year.
Through this official farewell or through this ritual, you can energetically close this human year and bless it and enter the new year 2024 with the new connection to the energy of light.
After the installation and activation of sacred geometry, the earth will be energetically connected to the divine, cosmic order.
This means that humans and the systems of the human community will also connect to the divine order at an accelerated rate.
It will be even more clearly recognizable who has connected to the positive laws of the cosmos, to the order and structure of sacred geometry via the pure heart.
The year 2024 will bring even more insights, even more structure, and more clarity.
In relationships, in life, in life situations. It will bring clarity to the system of the body and the system of the chakras.
The installation and activation of Sacred Geometry on planet Earth will bring you an increased connection with nature and of course an increased connection with the oceans and a holistic connection with the element of water. Thanks to this, your DNA will heal and regenerate even faster than before.
Your bodies will be given the opportunity to rejuvenate and gain stronger health.
It is necessary to cleanse and release your own negative issues. It is necessary to feel and act with the heart. It is necessary to return to what the human being is – a pure, loving, and joyful being.
You are returning to your order. You are returning to your origin. Your path forward and the path to higher dimensions of consciousness is unstoppable.
Become members of the cosmic families and their worlds where positive order, clear structure and loving awareness of their most natural essences prevail.
We accompany you step by step. We accompany you and rejoice in each of your successes.
We wish you a happy and joyful 2024. We bless your path, we bless your human lives, we bless your planet.
Peace with you, peace with us.
Your Pleiadian companions ✨



My Dears,

lately I have often shared information from my Pleiadian companions and information from my light-filled team. Information, which is of total planetary and cosmic processes.

These processes affect practically all of us, they affect all men, all women and all children of this planet. It does not matter in which part of our earthly path we are at the moment. In the last text, which I published on social media and on my website in November 2023, I informed you about the mass ascension from the artificially created matrix and its incipient disintegration. I have informed you about phenomena that accompany us in this process. I have written about processes that accompany us as we step out of the current period.

I would like to dedicate this text above all to women, because in my seminars and in my work for the public, I often receive questions about phenomena concerning female power and the function of female organs. Many women also ask me questions about why miscarriages in the first weeks of pregnancy happen more often these days than before, and why periods are irregular or come back during menopause. For a few months now, the artificial matrix has been replaced by the new, light-filled matrix in a colossal correction and the surrounding planets of our solar system are being energetically cleansed. A correction of the energy and frequency of the moon is also taking place at the moment, about which we will certainly receive more information very soon, which is still being withheld from the public. Many extraterrestrial peace-loving civilizations are involved in the process of energetic cleansing and the return of the planets to their light-filled, natural matrix. Not only our planet Earth has been put into a deep, negative “sleep”, but also the surrounding planets. Some planets have even been connected to planet Earth by negative, artificially generated frequencies.

For us humans, this means that we have not been able to absorb 100 percent of the cosmic power into our chakras – into our gateways to the cosmos. Stepping out of the artificially created period and attaching oneself to the natural cosmic force of the surrounding planets results in an irregularity of the female period and a temporary chaos in the female power and in the female psyche. The already mentioned miscarriages also occur more often during this period than in the past. First, the mother’s body binds to the natural planetary systems of the Earth and to the natural systems of the surrounding planets, and second, it separates itself from the unnatural power of the moon to which her body has been tethered until now. Your body must first adapt to the newly arriving positive cosmic frequencies.

Further, I have been told by my Pleiadian companions that many miscarriages happen because the souls of the children who come to this planet are very luminous and highly evolved beings. These most light-filled souls are sometimes unable to stay in the mother’s body, because the physical matter of many women is not yet ready for such light-filled souls. I have been told that after a certain period of time and after a development of consciousness and physical illumination of the woman, the soul returns to the mother and merges with her body and with her consciousness during the period of pregnancy without any problems.

I was called upon by the beings of light to inform the women about this fact and to please them with these lines, as it is currently a development back to naturalness. Expectant mothers are advised by the Light Beings to go out into nature often, meditate and attract positive thinking and positive frequencies to themselves, so that the light of their overall systems increases and the souls of their children can return to them. During this time, another positive thing happens. Our human bodies are rejuvenating thanks to the incoming planetary positive frequencies. Our DNA regenerates and heals.

As a result, it is quite possible that – and many women have already experienced this situation – the woman’s body rejuvenates and her missed period comes back. In addition, it is also quite likely that women’s periods will not be as frequent in the future and the gaps between them increase.

I have already talked to many women about this phenomenon and many women have confirmed the previous statements.

Perhaps this information is still new and unexplored to many. But I am convinced that the human soul and human intuition understand this information.

As we can see, this period is unique, extraordinary and brings new phenomena and

opportunities that we hadn’t even thought about or had no idea about a few months ago. Let us open ourselves to the new possibilities and new positive cosmic frequencies that are coming to us and that are bringing us regeneration for our systems.

Not only the physical, but also the social systems.

Let’s connect to the positive cosmic light waves that are streaming towards our planet and that are bringing us unexpected possibilities for our future.

It is a great honor for me to accompany you through this time.

With love,

Pavlína Klemm