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✨About the engergies of these times✨

✨About the engergies of these times✨

Recently, I described the information from the Pleiadians that explains why we feel different than usual at the moment. The energetic bands between us and the low-swinging dimensions are tearing and we are in an intermediate space. ✨

We often feel that we are not connected to the gravity of the Earth. Accidents happen, we slip and the nervous system is not as stable as it used to be. Sometimes we cannot concentrate properly because our mind already connects with the beings of light and the higher levels of consciousness and is therefore not always present. We experience a time that challenges us but at the same time moves us into the higher dimensions of light. ✨

And as if that wasn’t enough, something great is happening again. ✨ During this time, we are getting a reset to the original timeline by the spiritual beings. The timelines of manipulation are gradually dissolving. We therefore come back to the timeline we have originally chosen. ✨ That’s why we feel so much change in our lives. And within ourselves. Everything is rearranged. New opportunities are emerging for us. Possibilities that we cannot yet imagine. ✨

We remain in trust.

With love,


✨ Activation of the crystalline systems ✨

✨ Activation of the crystalline systems ✨

Since November, the activation of the energetic nodes and power places of the earth has been taking place. They were activated by golden, cosmic light. These places of power on Earth will carry even higher energy than ever before. ✨

The places will connect with each other and a luminous communication system will be created. The Beings of Light and the luminous civilizations of Inner Earth will have better access to us. They will be able to communicate their lighting information to us in a better way and in a more targeted manner. Especially when we are outside or in these places of power. Gaia will also be able to reach us better. ✨

Through this activation, the crystalline systems of the Earth will also radiate properly and they will connect with the crystalline systems of our body. ✨
Gaia feels at home all over the world. But she feels that her real home is the original spiritual India. By activating the power places of India, it can raise its energy. ✨

Because these powerful processes are taking place, we may feel exhausted right now. Nervousness is also normal. A lot of negativity is leaving our systems at the moment. ✨🙏🌹
I send you all my best regards.
Pavlina 💖

✨Message from the Pleiadian Beings✨

✨Message from the Pleiadian Beings✨

During these weeks, the light-world and its beings connect with the light-world and the beings of our inner earth. Planet Earth is really starting to shine from within. The Light Beings of Inner Earth are successfully beginning to communicate with the Light Beings responsible for the evolution of humanity. After thousands of years of silence, the light beings of the inner earth are communicating again with the light beings of the spiritual world! And the power of the crystal realms increases even more in their beauty and vibration. The communication with the intelligence of the crystals can no longer be stopped.

This means a huge milestone in our human history for all of us. The old cosmic laws – “as below, so above”, “as within, so without” begin to function again from within the earth.  Even if there is still sooo much happening on earth and in the 3D dimension, we are on the right track. The world of light and its beings are with us and accompany us. 

Warm greetings to you all. ✨

Your Pavlina