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✨ Message June 2024 ✨

✨ Message June 2024 ✨

Dear messengers of light,

The summer days are coming, the days are getting longer and more and more cosmic light information is coming to you. Your cells are receiving cosmic light and are programming themselves to receive the light information of cosmic knowledge and cosmic vibration.

Even the tiny particles of your bodies, such as molecules and atoms, are beginning to vibrate faster than before. Your bodies are tapping into new cosmic frequencies. They are releasing countless burdens and preparing to vibrate in light cosmic frequencies that they have not had access to before. Your bodies are in a phase in which they are gradually finding their original power. They are connecting to their original divine essence and to their original perfect holograms created by divine intelligence. The more light your cells carry, the more divine holograms of absolute perfection your bodies can attract and connect with.

Speak to your bodies and allow them to find their original power and their original essence of the divine source. Speak to the intelligence of your bodies and allow them to release the burdens of various issues that are preventing your cells from connecting to your divine light signature. Speak to the consciousness of your chakras and allow them to release the low vibrational programmes that are preventing you from connecting with the information of the neighbouring planets.

If you are currently experiencing discomfort, please see this as a temporary condition. Your bodies are able to regenerate. Your bodies carry the cosmic intelligence within them.

Bless your bodies, bless your absolute health and your regeneration.

If you want to support your bodies, you can use the following affirmation. It is best to say it out loud several times in succession.

“I bless every cell of my body.

Every cell of my body receives cosmic light and cosmic information.

The cosmic power of life and eternity flows through my body.

I bless my body on every level of my being.”

Your Pleiadian Acompanions



My Dears,

lately I have often shared information from my Pleiadian companions and information from my light-filled team. Information, which is of total planetary and cosmic processes.

These processes affect practically all of us, they affect all men, all women and all children of this planet. It does not matter in which part of our earthly path we are at the moment. In the last text, which I published on social media and on my website in November 2023, I informed you about the mass ascension from the artificially created matrix and its incipient disintegration. I have informed you about phenomena that accompany us in this process. I have written about processes that accompany us as we step out of the current period.

I would like to dedicate this text above all to women, because in my seminars and in my work for the public, I often receive questions about phenomena concerning female power and the function of female organs. Many women also ask me questions about why miscarriages in the first weeks of pregnancy happen more often these days than before, and why periods are irregular or come back during menopause. For a few months now, the artificial matrix has been replaced by the new, light-filled matrix in a colossal correction and the surrounding planets of our solar system are being energetically cleansed. A correction of the energy and frequency of the moon is also taking place at the moment, about which we will certainly receive more information very soon, which is still being withheld from the public. Many extraterrestrial peace-loving civilizations are involved in the process of energetic cleansing and the return of the planets to their light-filled, natural matrix. Not only our planet Earth has been put into a deep, negative “sleep”, but also the surrounding planets. Some planets have even been connected to planet Earth by negative, artificially generated frequencies.

For us humans, this means that we have not been able to absorb 100 percent of the cosmic power into our chakras – into our gateways to the cosmos. Stepping out of the artificially created period and attaching oneself to the natural cosmic force of the surrounding planets results in an irregularity of the female period and a temporary chaos in the female power and in the female psyche. The already mentioned miscarriages also occur more often during this period than in the past. First, the mother’s body binds to the natural planetary systems of the Earth and to the natural systems of the surrounding planets, and second, it separates itself from the unnatural power of the moon to which her body has been tethered until now. Your body must first adapt to the newly arriving positive cosmic frequencies.

Further, I have been told by my Pleiadian companions that many miscarriages happen because the souls of the children who come to this planet are very luminous and highly evolved beings. These most light-filled souls are sometimes unable to stay in the mother’s body, because the physical matter of many women is not yet ready for such light-filled souls. I have been told that after a certain period of time and after a development of consciousness and physical illumination of the woman, the soul returns to the mother and merges with her body and with her consciousness during the period of pregnancy without any problems.

I was called upon by the beings of light to inform the women about this fact and to please them with these lines, as it is currently a development back to naturalness. Expectant mothers are advised by the Light Beings to go out into nature often, meditate and attract positive thinking and positive frequencies to themselves, so that the light of their overall systems increases and the souls of their children can return to them. During this time, another positive thing happens. Our human bodies are rejuvenating thanks to the incoming planetary positive frequencies. Our DNA regenerates and heals.

As a result, it is quite possible that – and many women have already experienced this situation – the woman’s body rejuvenates and her missed period comes back. In addition, it is also quite likely that women’s periods will not be as frequent in the future and the gaps between them increase.

I have already talked to many women about this phenomenon and many women have confirmed the previous statements.

Perhaps this information is still new and unexplored to many. But I am convinced that the human soul and human intuition understand this information.

As we can see, this period is unique, extraordinary and brings new phenomena and

opportunities that we hadn’t even thought about or had no idea about a few months ago. Let us open ourselves to the new possibilities and new positive cosmic frequencies that are coming to us and that are bringing us regeneration for our systems.

Not only the physical, but also the social systems.

Let’s connect to the positive cosmic light waves that are streaming towards our planet and that are bringing us unexpected possibilities for our future.

It is a great honor for me to accompany you through this time.

With love,

Pavlína Klemm

✨ Energy update ✨

✨ Energy update ✨

We are getting out of the artificially created matrix. ✨

 My dears, this time is magical and full of unexpected possibilities. We have been waiting for this for a long time and we have been preparing for it for a long time. Over many incarnations we have gained experience, we have been repeatedly punished for our views and for our healing work. I have been accompanying people in their spiritual and conscious development for many years. Every work with people and every seminar brings me new insights and experiences. ✨

 Because in every such work I am connected to my luminous team and to my Pleiadian companions. The information that comes to us thanks to them allows us to orientate ourselves better during this time. ✨

 These days – from the middle of November 2023 – I am receiving very clear information from the Pleiadians that we are beginning to exit the artificially created matrix and the fields of illusion! Finally! ✨

 We cut through the bonds we have been forced into. We ascend from the lower vibrational levels into the dimensions of higher consciousness. The artificially created matrix loses strength and large cracks appear in it. The Matrix can no longer be “patched together” and is becoming weaker and weaker, even if the dark side will try to keep it alive for a while. ✨

 And we will be able to transform the frequency of time that still plagues us step by step. This is one of the important factors that has kept us in the artificially created matrix so far. The Pleiadians and a countless number of light beings communicate brightly with our body systems so that they can more easily program themselves for lightness and for the new dimensions that are already waiting for us. ✨

 So – actual steps of ascension are happening these days. Therefore, let us not be surprised at the large number of phenomena that we have not encountered before. For example, memory loss, disorientation in time and space, physical abnormalities or different sleeping habits than before. ✨

 Everything is changing and our flexibility in thinking and acting is more urgent than ever. ✨

️ We are connected in our hearts, greetings Pavlina ✨

✨ Latest information of the Pleiadian beings, May 2023 ✨

✨ Latest information of the Pleiadian beings, May 2023 ✨

“Stay in your trust and continue on your way towards the light.
An innumerable number of people remember the light of their soul, their essence and thus illuminate the reality of the collective field of humanity.

The consciousness dimensions of the third and fifth consciousness spaces still overlap, but nevertheless you feel that there is more light in your reality than before. Light-filled energy accompanies you. It sustains and strengthens you. Light makes your soul, mind and body shine.
Stick to your actions.

During this time, there will be an increased activation of the sacred places and powerful places of your planet so that these places can connect thanks to the meridians and crystal systems of the planet.

A similar activation of these places has taken place several times before, but the current activation is very strong in terms of frequency because it takes place via the light energy of your sun. Your sun is a portal to different spaces, dimensions and times, and at the same time it is a portal for your connection with your galaxy, with the central sun of your galaxy and with the central sun of the divine source.

The frequency of your galaxy also flows to the sacred places of your planet. At the same time, the frequencies of the surrounding planets of your solar system are streaming towards them. Cosmic vibrations increase the energy of these places. Your planet binds to the original cosmic frequencies from which it was separated by the manipulation. As a result, it returns to its planetary order.

Even chapels and churches that stand in holy places illuminate their reality and get rid of the energy of manipulation. Soon the pure, primordial energy will prevail in them.

Many of you feel a lot of tiredness, nervousness or other symptoms, as your systems strongly perceive the momentary activation. Increase your personal light through meditation and stay in nature in order to connect yourself to the vibration of your planet in terms of frequency. Spending time in nature with the rising or setting sun regenerates your DNA.

Connect in the here and now with the light of the divine source and with all that is full of light and love.
Your Pleiadian Companions” ✨
With love,
Pavlina Klemm 🧡