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Month: May 2024

✨ Message May 2024 ✨

✨ Message May 2024 ✨

Dear messengers of light,
we greet you from our time period, which is not far from yours. Although we are temporarily communicating with you telepathically, we are in a time period that is beginning to merge in frequency with your time period. Not only are we approaching you energetically, but we are also approaching you physically.
We are very much looking forward to physical contact with you and we are energetically and lovingly preparing each of you who are ready for contact with us.
Our frequencies will flow through your personal systems and your home whenever you connect with us mentally.

We look forward to the time when we can physically enter your physical world. No doubt you have noticed how often flying objects are seen in your skies. Surely you have not failed to notice how many photographs throughout your planet have captured and confirmed the presence of extraterrestrial civilisations.

We are aware of how many people are already waiting for the physical visit.
We are aware that many human beings do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial peoples and reject any news or information about them.
However, we are also aware that many people connect with us telepathically and that they are ready for our first official visit.

We have been granted permission by the Cosmic Council to enter the atmospheric spaces of your planet. This has also been permitted by other civilisations who come here with the task of helping and realising peaceful projects. These extraterrestrial civilisations are working together and creating new programmes to help humanity evolve in consciousness.

Many of these peace-loving extraterrestrial civilisations are giving you light information from their position in atmospheric space that will help to open the energetic space of your heart and thus strengthen the overall connection to the light-filled cosmic world.
It is a complex programme of raising the consciousness of people who are ready for it. Everything is based on love, on the frequency of love.
Many people remember very quickly because the light information and impulses strengthen the development of their spiritual level.

Thanks to the installation and activation of the signature of lightful sacred geometry on your planet – we informed you about this fact in the last message – it is easier for us and for other extraterrestrial civilisations to give you light information because your personal systems are connected to the systems of lightful cosmic geometry. Your evolved consciousness and your pure heart connect you to these light-filled systems.

It is therefore easier for us to reach you. Through the luminous circles that make up this matrix of light, not only our information and the information of other highly developed extraterrestrial civilisations flows to you, but also the information of cosmic intelligence. The information of the beings of light flows to you.

You could say that through this help that you are currently receiving from the extraterrestrial civilisations, another huge step in the development of your consciousness and in the connection to the information of cosmic intelligence and the divine source is imminent.
Divine Source is progressing with you step by step, as the human collective is well able to carry it.
It is important to remember that just a few months ago in your time on Earth, planet Earth was in an energetic quarantine and cosmic frequencies and cosmic knowledge did not have as much access to the human community as they do today.

We would like to inform you about another cosmic phenomenon. A huge photon object has been moving through your solar system for quite some time – a light-filled object that could be compared to a huge cloud of light or a light-filled nebula. The planet Earth, which has emerged from the energetic quarantine, is able to absorb photon particles from this energetic cosmic object at this time. The magnitude of this photon phenomenon is so enormous that several more generations of human civilisation will be born until this cloud passes away or moves on to other systems in your galaxy. Your planet and your solar system are in a radiant light full of cosmic information.
From this you can deduce that the gradual raising of human consciousness and the raising of the frequency of human physical bodies is occurring naturally and in harmony with cosmic processes.

We assume that this cosmic process, which will continue to influence you positively and which will also influence a few more generations, will also bring purification and enlightenment and will bring overall stability to the being of humanity in the future.
Your physical and energetic bodies can gradually become acclimatised to the cosmic light and its frequency.
Step by step, your soul and your spirit can connect with the light-filled information of the cosmos and with the light-filled information of the extraterrestrial civilisations that will help you and accompany you on your path to your light-filled essence.
Release everything of low vibration that burdens you and thereby connect to the light of the cosmic world.
We look forward to every contact with you. We accompany you.
Peace with you, peace with us.
Your Pleiadian companions ✨