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Month: April 2024

✨ Message April 2024 ✨

✨ Message April 2024 ✨

Dear messengers of light,

you are in a time of expansion of your consciousness. Your inner perception connects with the outside world and through this you connect more and more with the world of the cosmos and its infinite possibilities.

The world of the cosmos is diverse, colorful and infinite, and your consciousness is also gradually connecting with the infinity of the cosmos and with its multiplicity and colorfulness.

We cannot say exactly how long it will take for each individual human being to fully connect with the spaces of the higher dimensions of consciousness and with their living and luminous forms. However, we can say with certainty that each of you who has come to this planet with the task of connecting the light of your soul with the light of the cosmos is progressing incredibly fast in your current evolution.

These days connect you even more deeply to your plan and to the mission for which you have come to this planet at this time. Thanks to the unique cosmic constellation, the energy and light information of the April days are encoded into the light matrix of your soul, into the light-filled intelligence of your mind and into the cellular memory of your body.

The amount of cosmic light coming to your planet is increasing and your systems are receiving great support for your overall ascension. We know how much these cosmic events sometimes exhaust you and take you to extremes. But be aware that your body, soul and spirit have not known such a situation before. It is a new energetic situation for them.

During this time, there is nothing more important than allowing yourself to rest, at least temporarily. Nothing plays a greater role than embracing the cosmic frequencies and their information in full physical power. Your body is currently depleting the energetic reserves of the low vibrating time of your past and connecting to new, high vibrating cosmic frequencies. This is the state that your body is experiencing for the first time in this unique form of your existence on this planet. You are in a state of energetic transition and you are attaching yourself to the divine order.

Unite your soul, mind and body into one. The unity of your whole connects you to the unity of the universe and to its divine order.

You can use a simple affirmation energetically programmed by us.

“The light of my soul connects me to the light of the cosmos.

The intelligence of my mind connects me to the intelligence of the cosmos.

The energy of my body connects me to the energy of the cosmos.

My soul, my mind and my body form a whole and a unity.”

A few words about the solar eclipse:

In America, energetic changes of global proportions are taking place. The solar eclipse has triggered an energetic process of a light-filled character, which is expanding with very great speed over the entire planet. The light of the cosmos connects with the light of planet Earth and reprograms everything that vibrates low to high vibration and full of light. This energetic situation is causing temporary chaos in numerous systems of human society that were not prepared for this state. Many other systems of the human community and many systems of planet Earth, on the other hand, were already prepared for this state and thus they will return to normal very quickly.

There is no need to develop anxiety or worry. Your trust and frequent connection with the cosmic world in the form of meditations facilitate and harmonize this energetic process.

These current global energetic processes are helping with the overall ascension.

Your Pleiadian companions ✨