✨ Energy update ✨

✨ Energy update ✨

We are getting out of the artificially created matrix. ✨

 My dears, this time is magical and full of unexpected possibilities. We have been waiting for this for a long time and we have been preparing for it for a long time. Over many incarnations we have gained experience, we have been repeatedly punished for our views and for our healing work. I have been accompanying people in their spiritual and conscious development for many years. Every work with people and every seminar brings me new insights and experiences. ✨

 Because in every such work I am connected to my luminous team and to my Pleiadian companions. The information that comes to us thanks to them allows us to orientate ourselves better during this time. ✨

 These days – from the middle of November 2023 – I am receiving very clear information from the Pleiadians that we are beginning to exit the artificially created matrix and the fields of illusion! Finally! ✨

 We cut through the bonds we have been forced into. We ascend from the lower vibrational levels into the dimensions of higher consciousness. The artificially created matrix loses strength and large cracks appear in it. The Matrix can no longer be “patched together” and is becoming weaker and weaker, even if the dark side will try to keep it alive for a while. ✨

 And we will be able to transform the frequency of time that still plagues us step by step. This is one of the important factors that has kept us in the artificially created matrix so far. The Pleiadians and a countless number of light beings communicate brightly with our body systems so that they can more easily program themselves for lightness and for the new dimensions that are already waiting for us. ✨

 So – actual steps of ascension are happening these days. Therefore, let us not be surprised at the large number of phenomena that we have not encountered before. For example, memory loss, disorientation in time and space, physical abnormalities or different sleeping habits than before. ✨

 Everything is changing and our flexibility in thinking and acting is more urgent than ever. ✨

️ We are connected in our hearts, greetings Pavlina ✨

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