✨ Latest information of the Pleiadian beings, May 2023 ✨

✨ Latest information of the Pleiadian beings, May 2023 ✨

“Stay in your trust and continue on your way towards the light.
An innumerable number of people remember the light of their soul, their essence and thus illuminate the reality of the collective field of humanity.

The consciousness dimensions of the third and fifth consciousness spaces still overlap, but nevertheless you feel that there is more light in your reality than before. Light-filled energy accompanies you. It sustains and strengthens you. Light makes your soul, mind and body shine.
Stick to your actions.

During this time, there will be an increased activation of the sacred places and powerful places of your planet so that these places can connect thanks to the meridians and crystal systems of the planet.

A similar activation of these places has taken place several times before, but the current activation is very strong in terms of frequency because it takes place via the light energy of your sun. Your sun is a portal to different spaces, dimensions and times, and at the same time it is a portal for your connection with your galaxy, with the central sun of your galaxy and with the central sun of the divine source.

The frequency of your galaxy also flows to the sacred places of your planet. At the same time, the frequencies of the surrounding planets of your solar system are streaming towards them. Cosmic vibrations increase the energy of these places. Your planet binds to the original cosmic frequencies from which it was separated by the manipulation. As a result, it returns to its planetary order.

Even chapels and churches that stand in holy places illuminate their reality and get rid of the energy of manipulation. Soon the pure, primordial energy will prevail in them.

Many of you feel a lot of tiredness, nervousness or other symptoms, as your systems strongly perceive the momentary activation. Increase your personal light through meditation and stay in nature in order to connect yourself to the vibration of your planet in terms of frequency. Spending time in nature with the rising or setting sun regenerates your DNA.

Connect in the here and now with the light of the divine source and with all that is full of light and love.
Your Pleiadian Companions” ✨
With love,
Pavlina Klemm 🧡

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