✨ Message March 2024 ✨

✨ Message March 2024 ✨

In the month of March of your earthly time, the soul of your sun, Ra, will continue to transmit light information to you.
The expansion of your consciousness and the activation of your self-healing powers will continue to increase. Step by step, your body will remember its original state of absolute health and vitality.
Your body will most likely endeavour to get rid of all low vibrational patterns and stresses so that it can connect to its original strength, health and vitality.

Speak to your body. Your body carries its own intelligence and it understands your thoughts and your words well. Allow your body to get rid of all programmes that burden it on the path to higher consciousness. Be patient with your body if you have the feeling that it is very slowly shedding the programmes of the manipulation it has experienced. Be patient.

After all, your body has had to face low vibrational programmes and frequencies throughout your entire incarnation.
Thank your body for its tireless work and for its love for your soul and spirit. Send it gratitude as often as you can. Your body accompanies you into higher dimensions of consciousness and protects your soul and spirit.
If you want to support your body during this time, you can use the following affirmation:
“I connect with the intelligence of my body in the here and now.
I ask the intelligence of my body to release all burdensome programmes and low vibrational frequencies. I allow the intelligence of my body to release all stressful programmes and low vibrational frequencies.
My positive intention connects me to my absolute health on all levels of my being.
Absolute health is my birthright.
My health brings me vital life energy.
I am absolutely healthy.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

You can support your body with sufficient fresh water. Go out into nature often and connect with the light information of the sun and the beauty of your natural realms.
Embrace trees and rejoice in every moment of your being on this planet.
Peace with you, peace with us.
Your Pleiadian companions✨

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