✨ Message of the Pleiadian Beings, June 2023 – Important Information ✨

✨ Message of the Pleiadian Beings, June 2023 – Important Information ✨

In these days and weeks, cosmic light waves are coming to you, which increase the light intensity and frequency of planet Earth even further. ✨
With the arrival of these cosmic waves, one is given another opportunity to expand the own consciousness and, for a now, at least partially merge with the cosmic world and its infinity. ✨

You may feel sadness, a certain upset, melancholy, or other emotions that make you feel like they don’t belong to you. They are feelings and thoughts that you may not even remember because they come from accumulated affairs from the distant past or from previous incarnations. Through the light-filled high vibration of these waves, your negative holographic energy imprints are also cleansed, through which you are still connected to your negative past. ✨

These waves of light are coming to you from your galaxy. From rooms in your galaxy that you have not yet been connected to. Planet Earth, which already vibrates enormously lightfully, has attracted these cosmic waves to itself. The high vibration of this light will not only affect the expansion of your consciousness and the elevation of the light vibration of your cells, but it will also increase the information systems of your brain. ✨

Your mind will be able to develop even more in the future and express its creativity and ingenuity. It will be able to connect with different times, spaces and interstices of any event. It will begin to perceive multidimensional space for the first time. ⭐

These cosmic waves bring another great, gigantic opportunity for the human beings who have chosen to enter higher dimensions of consciousness. We will inform you about this in good time in the course of the next few weeks. ✨

During this time, go out into nature often, meditate and let the cosmic light flow into your systems. Free yourselves from the negative and prepare yourself for a new, positive future. ✨
The energetic elevation of the light vibration of planet Earth proceeds according to the plan of the Higher Intelligence and the Higher Consciousness.

We are with you and we accompany you. 💜

Peace with you, peace with us. ✨

Your Pleiadian Companions

Received by Pavlina Klemm ✨

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