In this autumn season, planet Earth is returning to its original light matrix. A shift in space and time takes place. The planet connects to its original holographic, divine imprint, which resides in the space of your perception. An unimaginable amount of manipulatively planned timelines to which planet Earth was tethered has been severed by the aforementioned return to the original time period. It could be compared to liberation from the shackles of dark beings. Tremendous processes of energetic cleansing that are taking place behind the scenes of your human perception and vision are bringing planet Earth and the neighboring planets of your solar constellation back into the original matrix of light. We informed you about this in the September message.

Line after line, once activated by the dark forces that connected the Earth to the reality of darkness, has been broken. Your Earth and her soul Gaia have just started the activation of self-healing abilities and they have begun to specifically cleanse their aura. Help your planet and let the light of its energetic surface shine so that the energetic cracks in its aura can close again and fill with cosmic light. At this time, the “other side” is intensifying its outdated techniques in order to hide from you as best as possible the heightened, luminous activation and beauty of your planet’s atmosphere. You can observe these actions in your skies…

The positive side neutralizes negative substances in the air during such actions of the other side. That is why your skies are sometimes completely overcast. Neutralization is in full swing in these cases. The aura or energetic shell of your planet will very soon begin to shine in beautiful light and colors that have been hidden from your view. The Earth has connected itself to the light vibration of the cosmos. This majestic light will soon be shown to you strongly. We have already informed you about these phenomena several times. In some parts of your planet, these lights have already been seen by your eyes. Planet Earth is returning to its original order, and so are you humans who have chosen your original order.

When you help your planet, you also help yourself.

Peace with you, peace with us.

Your Pleiadian companions ⭐️⭐⭐

Channeled by Pavlína Klemm, 04.10.2023

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