Light Messages From The Pleiades – A New Matrix Of Galactic Order

Light Messages From The Pleiades – A New Matrix Of Galactic Order

»Light Messages From The Pleiades A New Matrix Of Galactic Order«

Introduces the concept of the Cosmic Pharmacy available to anyone and accessible through meditation and exercises

Explores Pleiadian healing techniques to regenerate our DNA with chakra healing, the cosmic sounds, and high-vibrational healing numbers

Includes exercises, affirmations, and meditations, all charged by the Pleiadians with positive frequencies that activate remembering and healing

We are in the midst of a light-filled revolution. As healer and Pleiadian channel Pavlina Klemm explains, humanity is awakening from its sleep, and the Pleiadians are sending wisdom to support the ascension process on Earth.

In this high-vibration book, Pavlina shares the light messages she has received from the higher beings known as the Pleiadians on the Great Awakening that is taking place worldwide. The messages highlight the earthly path of liberation from dark forces and stress the importance of incarnation and reincarnation during these challenging years. They describe the oversoul of one’s family, to which every person can connect, as well as how to support individuals, families, and children in the regeneration of DNA through Pleiadian healing techniques.

Through their messages, the Pleiadians connect us to the frequencies of cosmic freedom. They show how anyone can effortlessly tap into the Cosmic Pharmacy through meditations and exercises to support their own healing. They explain how to heal your chakras, including the light chakras, which go beyond the well-known 8-chakra system. The Pleiadians also provide us with cosmic healing sounds for remembering our pure essence and high-vibration healing numbers that are connected to specific morphogenetic fields and help to heal, purify, and regenerate.

Each message, exercise, and meditation in the book has been charged by the Pleiadians with high-vibration frequencies to help the soul of the reader not only heal and find health on multiple levels but also rediscover and quickly develop natural healing and intuitive abilities. Supporting you in the ascension process, this guide will help you fulfill your soul’s mission in the cosmic revolution.

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