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My Dears,

lately I have often shared information from my Pleiadian companions and information from my light-filled team. Information, which is of total planetary and cosmic processes.

These processes affect practically all of us, they affect all men, all women and all children of this planet. It does not matter in which part of our earthly path we are at the moment. In the last text, which I published on social media and on my website in November 2023, I informed you about the mass ascension from the artificially created matrix and its incipient disintegration. I have informed you about phenomena that accompany us in this process. I have written about processes that accompany us as we step out of the current period.

I would like to dedicate this text above all to women, because in my seminars and in my work for the public, I often receive questions about phenomena concerning female power and the function of female organs. Many women also ask me questions about why miscarriages in the first weeks of pregnancy happen more often these days than before, and why periods are irregular or come back during menopause. For a few months now, the artificial matrix has been replaced by the new, light-filled matrix in a colossal correction and the surrounding planets of our solar system are being energetically cleansed. A correction of the energy and frequency of the moon is also taking place at the moment, about which we will certainly receive more information very soon, which is still being withheld from the public. Many extraterrestrial peace-loving civilizations are involved in the process of energetic cleansing and the return of the planets to their light-filled, natural matrix. Not only our planet Earth has been put into a deep, negative “sleep”, but also the surrounding planets. Some planets have even been connected to planet Earth by negative, artificially generated frequencies.

For us humans, this means that we have not been able to absorb 100 percent of the cosmic power into our chakras – into our gateways to the cosmos. Stepping out of the artificially created period and attaching oneself to the natural cosmic force of the surrounding planets results in an irregularity of the female period and a temporary chaos in the female power and in the female psyche. The already mentioned miscarriages also occur more often during this period than in the past. First, the mother’s body binds to the natural planetary systems of the Earth and to the natural systems of the surrounding planets, and second, it separates itself from the unnatural power of the moon to which her body has been tethered until now. Your body must first adapt to the newly arriving positive cosmic frequencies.

Further, I have been told by my Pleiadian companions that many miscarriages happen because the souls of the children who come to this planet are very luminous and highly evolved beings. These most light-filled souls are sometimes unable to stay in the mother’s body, because the physical matter of many women is not yet ready for such light-filled souls. I have been told that after a certain period of time and after a development of consciousness and physical illumination of the woman, the soul returns to the mother and merges with her body and with her consciousness during the period of pregnancy without any problems.

I was called upon by the beings of light to inform the women about this fact and to please them with these lines, as it is currently a development back to naturalness. Expectant mothers are advised by the Light Beings to go out into nature often, meditate and attract positive thinking and positive frequencies to themselves, so that the light of their overall systems increases and the souls of their children can return to them. During this time, another positive thing happens. Our human bodies are rejuvenating thanks to the incoming planetary positive frequencies. Our DNA regenerates and heals.

As a result, it is quite possible that – and many women have already experienced this situation – the woman’s body rejuvenates and her missed period comes back. In addition, it is also quite likely that women’s periods will not be as frequent in the future and the gaps between them increase.

I have already talked to many women about this phenomenon and many women have confirmed the previous statements.

Perhaps this information is still new and unexplored to many. But I am convinced that the human soul and human intuition understand this information.

As we can see, this period is unique, extraordinary and brings new phenomena and

opportunities that we hadn’t even thought about or had no idea about a few months ago. Let us open ourselves to the new possibilities and new positive cosmic frequencies that are coming to us and that are bringing us regeneration for our systems.

Not only the physical, but also the social systems.

Let’s connect to the positive cosmic light waves that are streaming towards our planet and that are bringing us unexpected possibilities for our future.

It is a great honor for me to accompany you through this time.

With love,

Pavlína Klemm

✨ Energy update ✨

✨ Energy update ✨

We are getting out of the artificially created matrix. ✨

 My dears, this time is magical and full of unexpected possibilities. We have been waiting for this for a long time and we have been preparing for it for a long time. Over many incarnations we have gained experience, we have been repeatedly punished for our views and for our healing work. I have been accompanying people in their spiritual and conscious development for many years. Every work with people and every seminar brings me new insights and experiences. ✨

 Because in every such work I am connected to my luminous team and to my Pleiadian companions. The information that comes to us thanks to them allows us to orientate ourselves better during this time. ✨

 These days – from the middle of November 2023 – I am receiving very clear information from the Pleiadians that we are beginning to exit the artificially created matrix and the fields of illusion! Finally! ✨

 We cut through the bonds we have been forced into. We ascend from the lower vibrational levels into the dimensions of higher consciousness. The artificially created matrix loses strength and large cracks appear in it. The Matrix can no longer be “patched together” and is becoming weaker and weaker, even if the dark side will try to keep it alive for a while. ✨

 And we will be able to transform the frequency of time that still plagues us step by step. This is one of the important factors that has kept us in the artificially created matrix so far. The Pleiadians and a countless number of light beings communicate brightly with our body systems so that they can more easily program themselves for lightness and for the new dimensions that are already waiting for us. ✨

 So – actual steps of ascension are happening these days. Therefore, let us not be surprised at the large number of phenomena that we have not encountered before. For example, memory loss, disorientation in time and space, physical abnormalities or different sleeping habits than before. ✨

 Everything is changing and our flexibility in thinking and acting is more urgent than ever. ✨

️ We are connected in our hearts, greetings Pavlina ✨



In this autumn season, planet Earth is returning to its original light matrix. A shift in space and time takes place. The planet connects to its original holographic, divine imprint, which resides in the space of your perception. An unimaginable amount of manipulatively planned timelines to which planet Earth was tethered has been severed by the aforementioned return to the original time period. It could be compared to liberation from the shackles of dark beings. Tremendous processes of energetic cleansing that are taking place behind the scenes of your human perception and vision are bringing planet Earth and the neighboring planets of your solar constellation back into the original matrix of light. We informed you about this in the September message.

Line after line, once activated by the dark forces that connected the Earth to the reality of darkness, has been broken. Your Earth and her soul Gaia have just started the activation of self-healing abilities and they have begun to specifically cleanse their aura. Help your planet and let the light of its energetic surface shine so that the energetic cracks in its aura can close again and fill with cosmic light. At this time, the “other side” is intensifying its outdated techniques in order to hide from you as best as possible the heightened, luminous activation and beauty of your planet’s atmosphere. You can observe these actions in your skies…

The positive side neutralizes negative substances in the air during such actions of the other side. That is why your skies are sometimes completely overcast. Neutralization is in full swing in these cases. The aura or energetic shell of your planet will very soon begin to shine in beautiful light and colors that have been hidden from your view. The Earth has connected itself to the light vibration of the cosmos. This majestic light will soon be shown to you strongly. We have already informed you about these phenomena several times. In some parts of your planet, these lights have already been seen by your eyes. Planet Earth is returning to its original order, and so are you humans who have chosen your original order.

When you help your planet, you also help yourself.

Peace with you, peace with us.

Your Pleiadian companions ⭐️⭐⭐

Channeled by Pavlína Klemm, 04.10.2023

✨ Message from the Pleiadian Beings, September 2023 ✨

✨ Message from the Pleiadian Beings, September 2023 ✨

Hello my Dears,
when I received this message, I realized again how important it is to look at our issues so that we do not resonate with low vibrational energies and beings. If, in this phase of this global development, we finally heal the inner personal world, we can immediately “catapult” ourselves into the light-filled spheres of consciousness. We can also make our body and our aura shine every day in the morning. So we shine all day long, no matter where we go, no matter who we meet. We let our inner and outer world shine. ✨🌞✨

Pavlina Klemm

Message September 2023

Dear friends of the cosmic worlds and their messages, we are very happy about your participation in all planetary events. We are happy that we can help you with our messages to experience this time in ease.

Although the beings of light and peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations have already managed to take a tremendous amount of steps and actions for the positive development of the human community, it still depends on each of you. It depends on how much light you find within you and how much you expand it into your environment. It depends on how many negativities you let into your inner and outer world from the environment. . It depends on each of you. It depends on your level of consciousness and the intensity of your consciousness projected into your inner and outer world. Each of you is important to this world. Your light is a huge enrichment for this world and for this time. We appreciate each of you, we appreciate your lightful work.

It is important to regularly increase one’s own light intensity and to regularly connect with one’s inner self and with the world of light in the here and now. The Beings of Light and many peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations are increasingly supporting you on your way to the light.

In the background of your events there are huge, gigantic steps of purification, which almost every human being feels in his personal system of mind, soul and body. The colossal purification takes place at the level of the planets of your solar system and makes your entire personal systems feel it. You should be aware that not only the Light Matrix of Planet Earth was influenced by the dark forces, but also the Light Matrix of the surrounding planets of your solar system. What does this mean for you?

Your solar system and its planets are returning to their original, light-filled matrix system and order. And your bodies, your organs and especially your chakras begin to connect completely to the original power of the planets and to their healing frequency. Until now, the human body has not been able to receive the full light capacity of the planetary systems. It could be said that even the people who have evolved spiritually and consciously have so far only been able to receive 70-80% of the cosmic power of the planets. Now you will soon reach 100% capacity to receive planetary light from the surrounding planets.

Your karmic affairs come up almost daily and want to leave your systems once and for all so that you can absorb the full capacity of the planetary, cosmic frequencies with the help of the chakras. Your chakra systems cleanse themselves at an incredible speed and get rid of everything that prevents them from making their way to the light. The light matrix of the surrounding planets is returning to the original order, and so are you, the conscious people.

Peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations help in the overall process of returning the planets to their original order. It is an extraordinary cooperation that the peace-loving, extraterrestrial civilizations are doing at this time. Step by step, the purification of planet Earth and the purification of the surrounding planets occurs. It is a gigantic purification that goes beyond the limits of human imagination.

Planet Earth, which is one of the main points for the transition to other dimensions and time periods of the universe, also plays a significant, more than positive role for your peace-loving, extraterrestrial neighboring civilizations during this time.

That is why planet Earth, which has already freed itself for the most part, is a “thorn in the side” of the negative forces. From their dimensional time, they try to influence the people on planet Earth, who go into negative resonance with them. It is another of the last attempts to manipulate the fate of the people.

Please be prudent, be intuitive, and always trust your inner sense of who you can trust. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by certain people or even people in higher positions who want to put pressure on you or give you false news, information or claims.

Be aware that, from a planetary point of view, planet Earth is no longer subject to the rule of negative extraterrestrial civilizations and their individual beings. Be aware that the lives of people on this planet are “only” influenced by people who resonate with negative forces. For you, this means that during this time there is a certain further purification, or rather – awareness of which side you are on and which path you are taking. For many of you it is already clear that you are walking the path full of light. These words are addressed to those who are still looking for their way and need help.

Trust your intuition.
Develop and show your light. This is your greatest helper for this time.
Stay in your power and in your love.
Find your life force in nature and connect with the purest frequencies of nature as often as possible.

Peace with you, peace with us.

Your Pleiadian Companions

✨Message From The Pleiadian Beings, July 2023✨

✨Message From The Pleiadian Beings, July 2023✨

✨ You can also find the message on YouTube:

Dear readers, dear friends of cosmic information,
in the last message of June, the Pleiadian beings spoke about cosmic light waves that have started to
come to our planet from the spaces of the Galaxy, with which we were not connected until now. They
spoke about the intense effects and influences that these waves have for us.
The July message is about even deeper information that explain what these cosmic frequencies will
mean for us in the near future.
For those of you who have not yet read the June message, I am including the relevant text here for your information.
June Message
In these days and weeks cosmic light waves come to you, which raise the light intensity and frequency
of planet Earth even further.
With the arrival of these cosmic waves, man receives another opportunity to expand his
consciousness and, for the time being, to merge at least partially with the cosmic world and its infinity.
The luminous power of these cosmic waves can be seen in the mood of man. Every person gets the
opportunity, thanks to these cosmic influences, to clear up his inner negative affairs and to give them
away forever, if that is what the person in question wants and if he is ready for it.
You may feel sadness, a certain upset, melancholy or other emotions that seem to you as if they do
not belong to you. They are feelings and thoughts that you may not even remember because they
come from accumulated issues from the distant past or from previous incarnations.
The light-filled high vibration of these waves also cleanses your negative holographic energy imprints,
through which you are still connected to your negative past.
These light waves are coming to you from your galaxy. From spaces of your galaxy, with which you
were not connected until now. The planet Earth, which is already vibrating enormously full of light, has
attracted these cosmic waves to itself.
The high vibration of this light will not only have an effect on the expansion of your consciousness and
on the raising of the light vibration of your cells, but it will also increase the information systems of your brain.
Your mind will be able to develop even more in the future and express its creativity and ingenuity. It
will be able to connect with different times, spaces and interstices of any event. He will begin to
perceive multidimensional space for the first time. These cosmic waves will bring another great,
gigantic opportunity for the human beings who have decided to enter higher dimensions of
consciousness. We will inform you about this in time, during the next weeks.
Go into nature often during this time, meditate and let the cosmic light flow into your systems. Free
yourselves from the negative and prepare for a new, positive future.
The energetic raising of the light vibration of planet Earth is proceeding according to the plan of the Higher Intelligence and the Higher Consciousness.
We are with you and accompany you.
Peace with you, peace with us.
Your Pleiadian companions

July Message
Dear messengers of light
We are contacting you from our time period. We are with you. We are with you and we are observing
the situation and all that is happening on this planet.
The situation is developing at an optimal speed, even though many inhabitants of this planet feel that what is happening is rather slow.
Please do not expect that the correction of the mistakes, manipulations and violence of any kind, which have taken place in this low vibrational dimension or level, will be carried out within a few months or years.
We are talking here about physical changes that many are waiting for and in which many people put all their strength, thoughts, energy and any expectations. This attitude robs many inhabitants of this planet of a lot of life energy.
Please let everything proceed according to the cosmic plan and direct your energy and thoughts to
levels of life that bring you, your family and the community in which you live, a benefit, the necessary energy and lightful impulses.
Only in this way will you free yourselves from expectant thoughts and free yourselves from the energy that robs you of strength.
Everything goes according to the plan prepared before. An innumerable amount of extraterrestrial
communities and civilizations help with this happening. They are helping consciously, energetically
also physically.
However, a significant part of this colossal rise in consciousness of the human community depends on
the purity of your hearts and the purity of your thoughts.
Only pure hearts and pure thoughts succeed in attracting the cosmic light to themselves and raising the luminous energy of their surroundings.
Focus on yourselves. Each one of you. This time is unique, magical, revolutionary and colossal. This
time, this moment, is about programming the future of the human community. Not all people have chosen to ascend and evolve their consciousness.
Even whole peoples have chosen to be in lower vibrational levels because their development requires
it. Do not forget that many peoples have come to planet Earth from different planets or star systems.
Many have come here from distant galaxies.
For many peoples it is already certain that their journey will take them to low vibrational planes, because their past and their evolution require it.
The community begins to divide physically and subtly at this time. This is what the Higher Plan says.
Every human being knew this before coming down to this planet.
Every human being acts and lives according to its higher plan. Please accept the decision of each of
you. Please accept that each person is tied to their higher plan and acts according to it, even if it is
sometimes painful for you who have chosen the luminous path.
You could say that the time when we have been reminding and reminding you to become aware of
your purpose and your soul light is slowly ending.
Now a time is coming when almost all human beings already know or suspect inwardly where their
path will lead them. This time brings a physical and subtle separation.
For each of you, the path you have been working on lately is planned.
The time of transformation and remembrance has lasted since about the year 2012. Now the time of
conscious decision is dawning. The decision to orientate yourself on your own, previously planned path and to follow it.
This and the next year will be decisive for you. Decisive for your future. Get rid of your last burdens. In
this time nothing else plays such a big role as the transformation of your own burdens, even if these burdens are now only minimal.
Get rid of everything negative and burdensome so that you can get on your planned path.
From the energetic point of view, huge cosmic waves of light are coming to you, which started to
stream onto this planet in the days of June. More such waves are coming to you, further raising the light energy of this planet.
Thanks to this energy, light portals to higher dimensions of consciousness will be created. These
portals will be located in highly energetic places on this planet.
They will be places that will connect you to the higher dimensions and also, in time, allow you physical access to those dimensions.
These portals will serve you as energetic, healing and regenerative places during this time. Over time,
you will use them to transition into the fifth dimension of consciousness.
Your expanded consciousness will intuitively guide you to these portals. Near these portals you will
feel absolutely happy and enlightened, and you will be full of thoughts about the new luminous future.
Even though this information may seem impossible to you, believe that new worlds are opening up
right in front of you, new possibilities and a new future that we have been talking about for many years
and about which we are bringing any information.
A world is opening up to you that you have been waiting for and that is similar to our world, which is
full of light and light-filled information from divine intelligence.
Very soon you will feel how we live. Soon you will feel how simple and glorious it is to be in these light spheres.
You will use the properties of light and the properties of the gravityless field, which will bring you a
connection with the free cosmic energy. The information we are about to convey to you is not a vision
of a distant future, it is a vision of a future only a few years from now.
For some highly evolved luminous individuals, it is the vision of a future of only a few more months.
The new luminous future is just opening for you.
Peace with you, peace with us.
Your Pleiadian companions ✨