✨ Message of the Pleiadian Beings, June 2023 – Important Information ✨

✨ Message of the Pleiadian Beings, June 2023 – Important Information ✨

In these days and weeks, cosmic light waves are coming to you, which increase the light intensity and frequency of planet Earth even further. ✨
With the arrival of these cosmic waves, one is given another opportunity to expand the own consciousness and, for a now, at least partially merge with the cosmic world and its infinity. ✨

You may feel sadness, a certain upset, melancholy, or other emotions that make you feel like they don’t belong to you. They are feelings and thoughts that you may not even remember because they come from accumulated affairs from the distant past or from previous incarnations. Through the light-filled high vibration of these waves, your negative holographic energy imprints are also cleansed, through which you are still connected to your negative past. ✨

These waves of light are coming to you from your galaxy. From rooms in your galaxy that you have not yet been connected to. Planet Earth, which already vibrates enormously lightfully, has attracted these cosmic waves to itself. The high vibration of this light will not only affect the expansion of your consciousness and the elevation of the light vibration of your cells, but it will also increase the information systems of your brain. ✨

Your mind will be able to develop even more in the future and express its creativity and ingenuity. It will be able to connect with different times, spaces and interstices of any event. It will begin to perceive multidimensional space for the first time. ⭐

These cosmic waves bring another great, gigantic opportunity for the human beings who have chosen to enter higher dimensions of consciousness. We will inform you about this in good time in the course of the next few weeks. ✨

During this time, go out into nature often, meditate and let the cosmic light flow into your systems. Free yourselves from the negative and prepare yourself for a new, positive future. ✨
The energetic elevation of the light vibration of planet Earth proceeds according to the plan of the Higher Intelligence and the Higher Consciousness.

We are with you and we accompany you. 💜

Peace with you, peace with us. ✨

Your Pleiadian Companions

Received by Pavlina Klemm ✨

✨ Latest information of the Pleiadian beings, May 2023 ✨

✨ Latest information of the Pleiadian beings, May 2023 ✨

“Stay in your trust and continue on your way towards the light.
An innumerable number of people remember the light of their soul, their essence and thus illuminate the reality of the collective field of humanity.

The consciousness dimensions of the third and fifth consciousness spaces still overlap, but nevertheless you feel that there is more light in your reality than before. Light-filled energy accompanies you. It sustains and strengthens you. Light makes your soul, mind and body shine.
Stick to your actions.

During this time, there will be an increased activation of the sacred places and powerful places of your planet so that these places can connect thanks to the meridians and crystal systems of the planet.

A similar activation of these places has taken place several times before, but the current activation is very strong in terms of frequency because it takes place via the light energy of your sun. Your sun is a portal to different spaces, dimensions and times, and at the same time it is a portal for your connection with your galaxy, with the central sun of your galaxy and with the central sun of the divine source.

The frequency of your galaxy also flows to the sacred places of your planet. At the same time, the frequencies of the surrounding planets of your solar system are streaming towards them. Cosmic vibrations increase the energy of these places. Your planet binds to the original cosmic frequencies from which it was separated by the manipulation. As a result, it returns to its planetary order.

Even chapels and churches that stand in holy places illuminate their reality and get rid of the energy of manipulation. Soon the pure, primordial energy will prevail in them.

Many of you feel a lot of tiredness, nervousness or other symptoms, as your systems strongly perceive the momentary activation. Increase your personal light through meditation and stay in nature in order to connect yourself to the vibration of your planet in terms of frequency. Spending time in nature with the rising or setting sun regenerates your DNA.

Connect in the here and now with the light of the divine source and with all that is full of light and love.
Your Pleiadian Companions” ✨
With love,
Pavlina Klemm 🧡

✨About the engergies of these times✨

✨About the engergies of these times✨

Recently, I described the information from the Pleiadians that explains why we feel different than usual at the moment. The energetic bands between us and the low-swinging dimensions are tearing and we are in an intermediate space. ✨

We often feel that we are not connected to the gravity of the Earth. Accidents happen, we slip and the nervous system is not as stable as it used to be. Sometimes we cannot concentrate properly because our mind already connects with the beings of light and the higher levels of consciousness and is therefore not always present. We experience a time that challenges us but at the same time moves us into the higher dimensions of light. ✨

And as if that wasn’t enough, something great is happening again. ✨ During this time, we are getting a reset to the original timeline by the spiritual beings. The timelines of manipulation are gradually dissolving. We therefore come back to the timeline we have originally chosen. ✨ That’s why we feel so much change in our lives. And within ourselves. Everything is rearranged. New opportunities are emerging for us. Possibilities that we cannot yet imagine. ✨

We remain in trust.

With love,


✨ Activation of the crystalline systems ✨

✨ Activation of the crystalline systems ✨

Since November, the activation of the energetic nodes and power places of the earth has been taking place. They were activated by golden, cosmic light. These places of power on Earth will carry even higher energy than ever before. ✨

The places will connect with each other and a luminous communication system will be created. The Beings of Light and the luminous civilizations of Inner Earth will have better access to us. They will be able to communicate their lighting information to us in a better way and in a more targeted manner. Especially when we are outside or in these places of power. Gaia will also be able to reach us better. ✨

Through this activation, the crystalline systems of the Earth will also radiate properly and they will connect with the crystalline systems of our body. ✨
Gaia feels at home all over the world. But she feels that her real home is the original spiritual India. By activating the power places of India, it can raise its energy. ✨

Because these powerful processes are taking place, we may feel exhausted right now. Nervousness is also normal. A lot of negativity is leaving our systems at the moment. ✨🙏🌹
I send you all my best regards.
Pavlina 💖

✨ Message of the Pleiadian Beings for the Year 2023 ✨

✨ Message of the Pleiadian Beings for the Year 2023 ✨

The end of the year is approaching and many of you are wondering how the new
year that awaits you will be. How it will be and if it will be as turbulent as the time of
the last months.
We do not see periods of time as you do in years. We perceive time as energetic
sections. We perceive their energy, their frequency, their color, their vibration and the
vibrational number of these frequencies. We perceive the vibrational energy of the
earth’s magnetic fields.
On the surface of the earth and inside your earth.
But, of course we know that you are given the time of years, months, weeks and
days. So, it was introduced by non-earthly, not benevolent thinking beings and
according to it the human community is directed until it ascends into higher
So, the time, which for you is the year 2023, will have several energetic sections.
In the first section of the next year, the Earth’s surface will raise its vibration. In the
next section, the Earth’s interior will raise its vibration. And in the third energetic
section, there will be great transformation processes that people of good will have
been looking forward to and waiting for, for a long time.
Changes will occur that will bring people and peoples together into a cohesive
community. Many people and peoples will in turn separate from this community,
creating alliances that have no interest in developing in general and in terms of
consciousness. In a sense, it will be a first noticeable separation within the physical
worlds. In time (this will take some more of your years) the worlds of these
communities will also separate subtly.
This is also true for large political and economic organizations, which have been of
great importance until now.
The whole period of your year 2023 we call the “year of manifestation”. The
manifestation of your thoughts. The manifestation of projects that you may have been
working on for a long time.
For this purpose, angels and light beings of manifestation have been sent to Earth,
who help people to use their thoughts purposefully and who help the thoughts to
reach up to the dreamed goal.
Your thoughts become more visible than ever before. It becomes visible who carries
low vibrational thoughts and who carries high vibrational, colorful thoughts.
High vibrating thoughts become faster and connect in “light speed” with the worlds
and thoughts of other people who vibrate in the same frequency. The thoughts of
these people come into resonance and thereby the people are attracted to each
other. Thus, they get the possibility to find each other and to create new systems and
new structures or projects together.
Naturally, people will attract each other more and more in the near future. People
who vibrate in the same way.
And naturally, therefore, in the next few months of the coming year, people will feel
who belongs together and who does not. Who strengthens each other through the
interpersonal relationship and who rather harms each other. Many partners will
intuitively and naturally feel whether their relationship is true or just artificially
maintained and carried on because of rut and habit.

The next year will also bring you more beautiful new colorful frequencies. Beautiful
lights will appear on your sky. Your sky will reflect the beauty of your galaxy and the
beauty of the universe.
Your Earth will communicate more and more with the planets of your solar system.
Information for your healing and for the regeneration of your DNA will flow more
intensely from the sun to you.
Formations will also appear in your sky that you, as conscious people, will surely
recognize. You will realize that these formations do not come from your Earth. You
will realize that the peace-loving star nations and their spaceships are accompanying
you more and more and are gradually preparing for their official arrival.
Often you will be able to observe spaceships in their subtle form. The subtle form
gives them the possibility to travel to you with the help of light-filled, subtle portals.
Through the subtle form, the first energetic imprints are created for the physical
arrival. The energetic imprints serve as the first communication with the human
Many physical spaceships are around your planet. However, they are in inter-
dimensional spaces, i.e. inaccessible to the human sense of sight.
Although the period of the next year will be full of changes, you will also come to
personal realizations in various areas of life. There will be self-knowledge, the
discovery of your own power and the power of thought, getting to know the positive
power of the collective and the connection between people of good will.
The human community progresses step by step in its development. It is progressing
at a record pace. Life situations and experiences often proceed at an uncontrollable
pace, and yet everything strives toward a rounded form.
Even though you cannot yet see this shape from your perspective, we can already
see it very clearly. We can see how the colored frequency of the human community is
beginning to radiate in multiple colors and the energy form is beginning to move into
a circular shape. And this is very good, positive news. Because everything that is in
divine order is made up of circles or circular forms.
Maybe you can’t quite understand these words yet. But nevertheless, we can tell you
that the changes that have taken place, are taking place and will take place, will bring
a lot of positive things and an expansion of the level of consciousness of the human
We are with you and accompany you.
We greet you from our time period and look forward to meeting you.
We wish you a wonderful new human year.
We wish you that this year will be full of trust, love, light, perseverance, peace in your
hearts and full of accompaniment of your light beings who love you unconditionally.
Peace with you, peace with us.
Your Pleiadian companions